Diploma in Games Art Technology 

Diploma Teknologi Seni Permainan


Diploma in Games Art Technology provides comprehensive studies of games art courses to equip students with the expertise needed by the industry to embark on a successful career path in the game industry. This programme is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the industry. The duration of this programme is six semesters including two semesters of work-based learning (WBL) sessions. The WBL concept allows students to learn specific skills essential in the creative industry. It consolidates and enriches the knowledge and skills learnt in the classroom. During WBL, the students will learn the current practices in the industry. This commendably narrows the gap between theory and practice and creates meaningful learning for students.



The Diploma in Games Art Technology programme is designed to focus on sets of core competencies based on a body of knowledge in the 3D Game Art discipline. The program focuses on practical skills to develop assets for creative content, especially for games development and the related creative industry. Quintessential knowledge and skills are taught in courses such as drawing, art fundamentals and game development fundamentals. Additional sets of skills and competencies in developing assets are taught in Concept Art for Game, 3D Modelling and Texturing, Advanced 3D Game Modelling and Texturing, 3D Environment and Lighting, and Advanced Texturing. Advance competencies in developing characters are taught in 3D Art for Character, Character Modelling for Game and 3D Animation Development. Moreover, this programme develops students' competencies to create game art using two different game engines in courses such as the 3D Game Engine I and 3D Game Engine II. This programme will also guide students to create game art projects and create game artist portfolios. The Diploma in Games Art programme also allows students to choose other fundamental skills through elective courses such as 2D Game Art, Extended Reality, Visual and Sound Effect for Game, Basic Programming and Game Level Design. A good game art production portfolio will be created while producing arts in the gaming industry during the WBL tenure.



This programme provides the knowledge and skills in-game that can be applied to a broad range of careers in the game industry. The knowledge and skills that students acquire from the programme enable them to find positions in the job market as:

  1. Junior 3D Game Artist
  2. Junior 2D Game Artist
  3. Concept Artist
  4. 3D Modeller
  5. Texture Artist
  6. Junior Environment Modeller
  7. Junior Character Modeller
  8. 3D Animator



Within a few years after completing, Diploma in Games Art shall produce creative practitioner who are:

PEO1: knowledgeable, and able to apply critical thinking to provide solution and make tangible contributions in the provision of digital content to meet new challenges in the creative industries

PEO2: technically proficient and capable of using the latest technology in digital content production

PEO3: able to communicate effectively in understanding issues related to society by being a responsible team member and confident to be a leader.

PEO4: competent and become a techno entrepreneur with high ethics and professionalism through a lifelong learning approach



Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to:


possess relevant knowledge of technology fundamentals on well-defined procedures and practices in the field of creative industry.


propose and employ current tools and techniques to resolve well-defined problems.


establish investigative and significant thinking abilities to resolve well-defined problems in the field of creative industry.


communicate and explain clearly several viewpoints for social, academic and professional purposes.


illustrate the understanding of the issues related to the society and the subsequent responsibilities appropriate to the extended well-defined technology practices.


acknowledge the requirement of career establishment and to employ independent continuing learning in specialized technical knowledge.


illustrate consciousness of management and technopreneurship routine in real perspective.


illustrate ethical awareness and professionalism.


illustrate leadership character and work efficiently in diverse technical teams.




DGA10013        Digital Drawing

DGA10023        Fundamentals of Art And Design

DGA10033        Fundamentals of Game Development

DGA10043        3D Game Modelling and Texturing



DGA20253        Videography

DGA20053        Concept Art for Game

DGA20063        3D Environment and Lighting

DGA20073        Advanced 3D Game Modelling and Texturing



DGA30093        Advanced Texturing

DGA30083        3D Art for Character

DGA30113        Character Modelling for Game

DGA30103        3D Animation Development

DGA30123        Basic Game Engine



DGA40134        Game Art Project

DGA40143        Portfolio Development

DGA 40153       Advanced Game Engine


DGA40203        2D Game Art (elective)

DGA40213        Extended Reality Development (elective)

DGA40223        Visual and Sound Effects for Game (elective)

DGA40233        Basic Programming  (elective)

DGA40243        Game Level Design  (elective)



DGA50167        Pre-Production

DGA50176        Production



DGA60187        Post-Production

DGA60196        Production Portfolio and Showcase



For SPM Graduates:

Malaysian Citizen

Possesses SPM or equivalent

Passed Malay Language

Passed History (for SPM 2013 and onwards)

Achieved at least THREE (3) credits in any subjects

Candidates must not have disabilities such as blindness, color blindness, hearing, physical or learning disabilities that hinder practical work


For Non-SPM Graduates:

Malaysian Citizen

Not color blind and free from physical disabilities that hinder practical work

Passed the Community College Certificate in the following programs:

Certificate in 2D Animation

Certificate in 3D Animation

Certificate in Creative Multimedia Advertising

Level 3 Community College Certificate, KKM


Entry requirements: Applicants must submit Portfolio for review. 


Work-Based Learning



Total 6 semesters, 

(4 Semesters in Campus, 2 Semesters in Industry)



Fee for 6 semesters: RM1200.00.

RM200 per semester.

Additional: PTPTN, Yayasan Raja Muda Selangor Scholarship, Zakat etc.